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Our founder, Brian, was in the Rocky Mountains a few years back. Brian got a bit close to a black bear who was peacefully foraging in his world.  ​

After this encounter, he was offered a creamy cup of coffee, which inspired him to create this delicious experience for everyone back in the UK. With the help of his brother, Keith, they started to create Bear Paw.

Not only do we want to share this experience with you, but we also want to use our platform to help our animal friends that inspired the journey!

Bear Paw Art_edited.png
Our Story...
Green Forest
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"When I met Brian, I thought "this guy's got potential". I knew all he needed was a little scare to kickstart that potential. You're welcome, Brian."

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More than a love of bears.

When designing our brand we really wanted something that was deep in meaning & purpose. 

As well as a metaphor for our footprint on the planet, Bear Paw is also a statement for inclusivity.

Bears are a truly global icon: there are actually bears on every continent (although unfortunately now extinct in Africa).

Here at Bear Paw we value diversity & inclusivity everyday of every year. 

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An extended period of ignorance that has undoubtedly put our world in a difficult place, with pollution and habitat destruction leading causes of our planetary crisis, we must act to prevent and fix the issues we have made.

​We love bears. They can be found on most continents around the world, from Australia and Asia to Europe and across South and North America. In fact, there even used to be species of bears in Africa. We must act now so that we never use "used to be" again.

This is why we're committed to "adopting" bears in rehabilitation programs, helping them recover and grow so they can be released back into the wild and live their best lives. We're allocating a portion of our profits to give back and provide support. 

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Want to do some good?
Grizzly Bear
Humanity is waking up from a long hibernation.

We'd love to make a donation on your behalf with charities that we have vetted to ensure the money is well spent. Any amount can go along way and help an animal through a tough time. Please get in touch to learn about our adoption partnership programs and get involved.

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